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Google’s Open YOLO – How You’ll Log in Once on Android

Google’s Open YOLO project is a new technology coming from Google and Dashlane. The new open source system aims to provide a secure connection between apps and password managers. In simpler terms, users can log into their apps just once, forgetting the stress of having to retype their credentials each time.

Google’s Open YOLO – How You’ll Log in Once on Android
Google should approve the new open API by September.

Dashlane proudly announced the new partnership with Google on August 4th. Dashlane is a password manager application, its premium feature being the possibility to securely sync user data between countless devices.

“To stay one-step ahead of the market demand, Google and Dashlane are helping create a seamless, universally-acceptable Android app authentication solution to increase your online security,” says Dashlane community manager Malaika Nicholas in a recent blog post.

The API has been named Open YOLO, which is short for “You Only Log In Once”. As the name suggests, the process of logging into all apps will be greatly simplified and users won’t have to worry about forgetting the passwords to their precious online accounts.

Dashlane is the first password manager to use the new API. However, other password managers are encouraged to board the boat and join the cause. Furthermore, Dashlane hopes to see the open API spreading its wings to other operating systems beyond Android. The plan is to have the technology universally-implemented by as many apps and password managers as possible.

“Dashlane is spearheading the collaboration with other top password management companies, who will contribute their unique security and software development expertise to improve the design and implementation of this open API,” reads the blog post.

Dashlane and Google are excited to cooperate on this solution that puts great emphasis on the best users experience when it comes to managing secure logins.  Any developer can come up with their own technology to improve the open API. Many password managers are already involved in the cause or planning on joining the team.

So far, no details on how Google’s Open YOLO will work have been revealed. The new API is not yet stable, but more information for both users and app developers is on the way. As far as we are aware, Google should approve the open API by September.


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