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This time, a Seattle Cafe & Lounge banned Google Glass wearer

A Diner in Seattle, Lost Lake Diner has banned Google Glass wearing inside the restaurant, which came after it asked Nick Starr, a network engineer from Seatlle’s to remove the Glass or leave.


Last Friday, the Google Glass wearer explained the drama in his Facebook timeline, which gives us the drama happened inside the Diner, even he told very interesting point that the lost Lake’s menu shows that the customers were asked to take photos and share it on instagram with #LostLakeCafe hashtag.

“As we are leaving Brian points out that on the menu (http://lostlakecafe.com/menu/) they state “Post photos on our website via Instagram by using ‪#‎LostLake‬Cafe.” So how is an establishment which is REQUESTING photos be taken, not allow me to bring a device which takes photos and can post to Instagram?”

However, Lost Lake said a different story and in November 26, the restaurant also updated its policy and let their Facebook Page followers know about the updated policy, which says that the Google Glass and other similar devices will are banned inside the restaurant. It said, somewhat rudely,

“We kindly ask our customers to refrain from wearing and operating Google Glasses inside Lost Lake. We also ask that you not videotape anyone using any other sort of technology. If you do wear your Google Glasses inside, or film or photograph people without their permission, you will be asked to stop, or leave. And if we ask you to leave, for God’s sake, don’t start yelling about your “rights”. Just shut up and get out before you make things worse.”

Google Glass is getting banned in many places such as restaurants, bars, casinos and while driving too. Although the device is not readily available for the consumers yet, but it seems that, when it is going to available, there are nowhere the consumers can use the headset.

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