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Recent Mozilla Firefox Update Promises Increased Functionality

A recent Mozilla Firefox update for desktop ensures a more stable service. The company has just launched Firefox 48.  The web browser should provide a better user experience while still retaining the features that they love.

Firefox 48 is a big leap forward for desktop users. Despite having a performant computer, an app bug can cause the device to freeze. Mozilla developers have gone about fixing the issue and optimized their app the best they could to keep their customers happy.

Recent Mozilla Firefox Update Promises Increased Functionality

The recent Mozilla Firefox update has been announced August 2. Mozilla brings a handful of tweaks destined to make the browser more responsive. Firefox 48 includes Electrolysis (e10s), which is a multi-process that the developers will slowly enable in the first version to contain it.

The Electrolysis will bring major improvement to the UX by separating the web content from the UI processes. This way, when a web page consumes large parts of a computer’s processing power, features such as tabs and menus will not lock up. The new feature will be activated for all users over the next few weeks.

The update is live and ready for download on Mozilla’s website. New users can download the app while existing users can check to see if Firefox 48 has already been installed.

“Wondering if your Firefox instance has enabled e10s? Type “about:support” into the URL bar. If e10s is active, you’ll see “1/1 (Enabled by default)” under the Multiprocess Windows line item”, states Nick Nguyen, Vice President of Firefox Product.

Firefox 48 also comes with improved browser design. The Awesome Bar got an upgrade too and now offers more relevant suggestions to users’ searches. Furthermore, the Discovery Pane was also tweaked to make it more readable. “(…) we’re making the awesome bar even more awesome. Now when you enter a new query, you’ll see more suggestions than ever before and a wider view of your suggestions across the screen,” reads the blog post.

Mozilla also announced that it had fixed some security issues and improved download protection in the web browser.

Other notable updates from Mozilla Firefox include enhanced audio and video playback experience in Android, the merging of Reading Lists into Bookmarks, as well as the merging of Synced tabs into the History Panel.

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