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New Rumors on Nintendo NX

The Nintendo NX is the Japanese consumer electronics and software corporation’s long-awaited console. Although the handheld gaming device is set to arrive in early 2017, not much we know about the upcoming release. However, recently leaked information gives us a clue about what to expect.

New Rumors on Nintendo NX

According to Euro Gamer’s sources, the device’s design will feature two detachable controllers on the side and a stand to keep the console upright, making it a hybrid console. Because it can be attached to a base unit or a docking station, users can display their games on their television. This way, Nintendo caters to all gamers’ needs, and it was the obvious outcome of the company’s decision to merge the handheld and the hardware divisions into just one team working together on their new systems.

Moving on to the specs, it is reported that the Nintendo NX will be powered by Nvidia’s mobile Tegra processor. The console will also come with development kits that feature the X1 chip currently used for the Shield Android TV console. The Tegra will also ensure battery life, a vital necessity for portable systems.

The new NX is also said to be using game cartridges, not high capacity discs as we see on the Wii U. If true, it means that the Backwards Compatibility will most likely not be present on the upcoming NX.

No details on the screen resolution have been divulged, but it is known that the Tegra X1 is capable of 1080p. However, by the time of the release, it is possible for Nintendo to switch to the next-gen X2 chip instead of the X1.

Euro Gamer’s source also reports that NX’s operating system will be a new one, but not Android-based as it was previously announced. It is not yet clear if the Nintendo NX will feature Virtual Console or other features that the company provided in the past.

So when will the long-time coming hybrid console be released? The NX was announced to arrive globally next year in March. This is later than what was previously assumed because the company preferred to focus on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. However, some sources divulged that the new device might show up as soon as September.

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