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You Can Now Make Money on Tumblr

Did you know that you can make money on Tumblr? Here’s the scoop. The blogging website recently announced a new advertising program that will boost its user’s income. This is the first step Tumblr makes in helping its users mix up creativity and fun with earning extra cash.

You Can Now Make Money on Tumblr
Soon enough you will be able to put ads on your blog as well.

The Yahoo-owned microblogging and social networking platform has over 306 million blogs. As of this week, Tumblr rolls out ads for each of its blogs. The company has yet to reveal specific details regarding the process. Tumblr says that the ads should be seen as an opportunity that anyone can take advantage of. In a recent blog post, the blogging website says that the change to earn extra bucks “will be available to any eligible Tumblr—poet, musician, fan artist, and misfit weirdo memelord alike”.

Bloggers that want to make money on Tumblr will have to register for the program. However, the registration process is still in the works, and no further details are available. The staff is working on the issue and hopes to have its users earning money soon.

The ads will be implemented into three places. First, we have the main page of each Tumblr blog. Secondly, you can also see them on the web on the side-out section. Thirdly, they will also be placed on its mobile web and mobile apps.

If you don’t like the idea of placing ads on your blog, no worries. Users can turn off on-blog advertising by changing their settings.

The staff is excited about the new offering, saying that it “will be one of the biggest projects we’ve ever launched at Tumblr”.

It has been a fruitful year for Tumblr so far. The microblogging website has recently introduced a new GIF maker, messaging features, and live video. And we are assured there are more goodies on the way.

It remains to be seen what other stuff we have in store, given that Yahoo, the company owning Tumblr, was recently acquired by Verizon. As part of the agreement, Verizon will own Tumblr too, along with Yahoo News, Yahoo Sports, and Flickr. Only time will tell if Verizon’s strategy goes hand in hand with Tumblr’s future plans.

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