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Twitter’s Periscope Announces New Updates

Twitter’s Periscope recently announced new updates such as replay highlights, live autoplay, and tweet embeds. The features were rolled out July 21, and will become available worldwide in a few weeks.

Twitter’s Periscope Announces New Updates
Periscope users have reportedly created more than 200 million live broadcasts.

The new Highlights feature will automatically generate a short trailer for each Periscope broadcast. By watching the highlights, users can catch up on broadcasts from the last day that might have been missed. Highlights can also show you highlights of someone’s profile and also highlights of a search result. The new feature will be available on both Android and iOS in just a few days.

Android users can live autoplay broadcasts in the Watch Tab and Global Feed with no sound. To get a full view, users only need to tap the broadcast. This new feature will first be available on Android, while iOS will have to wait a bit longer.

As for the new embed feature, Twitter’s Periscope notes that publishers such as Le Parisien and Washington Post are already testing it. Embedded tweet means that publishers and users can insert a live stream into an article or a website by simply embedding a Tweet containing the Periscope link. When the Periscope broadcast is live, it will update in real-time, including the live viewers’ number. When the broadcast ends, users can replay it and visit periscope.tv to get the full experience.

“There are hundreds of millions of live and replay broadcasts on Periscope, and more get added every day. We’re introducing three new features today to make it easier for you to discover and watch the broadcasts that you’re interested in,” says the team in a recent blog post.

Periscope is a live video app owned by Twitter, the iconic live conversations platform. The service was launched in 2015, and it gained massive popularity. The same year, it was named Apple’s App of the Year. The application lets users share and experience live videos. The platform is accessible through periscope.tv and on Android and iOS devices. Periscope users have reportedly created more than 200 million live broadcasts. The company reports that over 110 years of live video are being viewed each day on mobile devices.

For more information on the new update, you can visit Periscope’s blog.


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