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Seagate Introduces the 10 TB BarraCuda Pro

Seagate has recently announced BarraCuda Pro, a consumer hard drive that will store virtually everything. The company has unveiled a series of hard drives that offer up to 10TB of storage capacity for desktops, NAS applications, and video surveillance systems.

BarraCuda is a leader in the industry, offering the highest capacities for consumer desktops and mobile computers. The new line of hard drives is a 2TB increase over the previous Seagate drives niched towards the consumer and small business market.

Seagate Introduces the 10 TB BarraCuda Pro

“With its enduring legacy of PC Compute drives, BarraCuda responds to market demands for high-performance hard drives that don’t sacrifice capacity or affordability,” says Seagate in a statement.

The new BarraCuda line now includes hard drives that have increased capacities from 500GB to 10TB, spindle speeds from 5,900rpm to 7,200rpm, a DRAM cache from 16GB to 64GB. According to the company, the drive consumes 6.8 watts during seek and just 4.5 watts when idle. This is quite a low-power for such standards.

The Barracuda Pro is built on seven-platter design for more power consumption and uses Conventional Magnetic Recording. It is one of the most efficient hard drives you can currently find on the market.

The updated hard drives will provide transfer rates of up to 210MB/s, while the top product – the BarraCuda Pro, offers a data transfer rate of up to 220MB/s. The product also comes with a five-year limited warranty.  As for the price, it doesn’t come cheap. The impressive 10TB Barracuda Pro is priced at $534.99, which is still lower than its enterprise counterpart.

Another hard drive just announced is the gaming-oriented FireCuda, coming in 2.5-in and 3.5-in. the FireCuda SSHD have a 2TB capacity and are up to five times faster than their HDD counterparts. The 1TB FireCuda will cost $85, and the 2TB model will retail for $110.

Seagate has also released other 10TB models that are cheaper, but not targeted towards the desktop market. The 10TB IronWolf was developed for NAS applications and is priced at $469.99, while the 10TB SkyHawk can be used for video surveillance and is priced at $459.99. Both products come with a three-year warranty, the Barracuda Pro being the only one featuring a five-year warranty. IronWolf, SkyHawk, and Barracuda Pro will only be accessible with SATA interfaces.

You can find out more about the Barracuda line here. Let us know what you think.

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