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Introducing Microsoft Stream – A Video Service for Businesses

Microsoft Stream is the new video service on the market specially developed for enterprises. The tech company has announced a free preview of the service on July 18th. Microsoft invites professionals with a business email address to sign up and begin the upload, sharing, and tagging of videos within the organization.

Microsoft believes that video plays as just an important role in the workplace as in our personal lives. According to company officials, “Video is one of the most powerful ways we connect, communicate and learn today – breaking down geographic boundaries and bringing a distinctly human element to digital interactions”.

Microsoft Stream – A Video Service for Businesses
Stream will become integrated into Microsoft Office 365.

Consequently, the company has developed the new service to allow employees to efficiently communicate and collaborate with the help of video features. This new innovative approach to business services is the way through which Microsoft pushes the limits and brings something new to the table.

Employees can sign up into Microsoft Stream in just a few seconds. Then, they can upload and organize videos using the drag and drop feature. Relevant content can be discovered thanks to the trending videos feature, but professionals can also search by various options. Just as on YouTube, employees can follow channels and socialize by sharing the videos via email.

Using Azure Active Directory, the service ensures secure access and full protection of the sensitive uploaded content. Users can manage who views the videos and also determine to what channel can the content be shared to.

The company has stated that video services for businesses are already being used, as Office 365 users already take advantage of the Video feature. Over the time, the two services will converge, and Stream will become integrated into Microsoft Office 365.

Although Microsoft Stream has just been released, the company already plans ahead. Microsoft wants to improve the service by adding smarter video search, making videos a part of enterprises apps, provide corporate broadcast, as well as granting access to the IT department to make certain changes to the settings. Microsoft also wants to allow partners to develop custom applications using Stream’s APIs, and then launch them in AppSource.

Interested in finding more about Stream and signing up for the preview? Then click here, sign up and get started!

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