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Nvidia Rolls Out Its First Video Game – VR Funhouse

Nvidia rolls out its first video game, named VR Funhouse. The California-based technology company which up until now only designed graphics processing units for gaming announced the launching of a game of their own on Thursday – and it’s a VR.

VR Funhouse, as it is called, promises to deliver a VR experience like you have never seen before. The virtual reality video game packs seven carnival minigames that you can play with your friends and family and compete with each other. VR Funhouse is free to download from Steam. Future features are also set to be released in the future, so keep an eye out for new treats.

Nvidia Rolls Out Its First Video Game

The company is very excited about the new release, saying that “with the NVIDIA VR Funhouse we hope to entertain and astound gamers with fun and immersive minigames; share our technologies, features and ideas with other developers so that they can enhance their own VR games”.

Each of the seven VR minigames features advanced graphics, realistic physics, and haptics, while also being incredibly fun to play. When entering the Funhouse, players are introduced into a carnival atmosphere, and the instructions shown on boards will give them the opportunity to learn the means of the game. Lights, vivid colors, and sounds are some of the things you can expect when joining the “carnival”. Once familiarized with the controls, users have to press the controller menu button on their HTV Vive device.

Along with the first Nvidia video game, the company launches Ansel, too. Ansel is a screenshotting tool that gives gamers control over the in-game camera to capture beautiful screenshots of their actions. Ansel supports high resolutions, VR screenshots, a wide range of image effects, and even 360-degree screenshots. However, the screenshotting tool is only functional in supported games, and it is not clear if VR Funhouse is one of them.

Developers will be able to examine it up close later this summer when VR Funhouse will be open sourced. Programmers can then apply the same technologies to their games or develop and publish their own games for the VR Funhouse pack.

What do you think about Nvidia’s VR Funhouse? Is it the fun virtual reality experience that it claims to provide?

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