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Messenger Introduces Instant Articles

Messenger introduces Instant Articles, making it easier to view links shared by your friends, family, colleagues, and anyone you have on your contacts list. Facebook now provides an improved reading experience for users of the mobile app who are looking for a faster way to read the received information. In the last years, websites have become clogged with advertisement and other media that takes up bandwidth and makes loading a web page a painfully slow process.

Messenger Introduces Instant Articles
Publishers using Instant Articles have observed a 20 percent increase in the number of clicks.

Facebook states that over 900 million individuals across the globe use Messenger to communicate with other people. Because the app is also a way to share either informative or entertaining links, but these are opened in a mobile browser in a rather slow manner, the experience can get a bit frustrating. To meet the demands of their customers, Facebook has now added this faster and interactive feature.

Facebook first introduces the update for the Android version of the app, while Instant Articles for iPhone is set to arrive in the coming weeks. Company officials say that an Instant Article link will load up to 10 times faster than the common mobile article. To make it easier to recognize such an article, people using the app will notice a lightning bolt on the upper right corner of the links shared by their conversation buddies on Messenger.

According to Facebook statistics, publishers who have been using Instant Articles have observed a 20 percent increase in the number of clicks, about 30 percent more shares, and up to 70 percent reduction in the abandonment rate among people trying to load an article. Publishers can sell ads (native ads, too) that are inserted into Instant Articles and keep all income. Facebook assures businesses that they can publish any form of an article, either a short one or a longform one because it will “integrate seamlessly” with the app.

Publishers interested in this new feature can click here and get things started by signing up. The platform makes it easy to develop and submit sample articles and then publish the new Instant Articles. Then, through Facebook data, in-house analytics, and other measurement services, publishers can observe how users read and engage with the articles.


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