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Lightroom Brings New Features to iOS and Android Apps

Lightroom brings new features to iOS and Android apps. The update now allows users so enjoy some premium features which until this moment have only been available on desktop. The two improved apps are available for download on Google Play and App Store (for iPhone and iPad).

Lightroom for iOS brings two important improvements. Apple users can now import raw pictures to their mobile device, edit and then share them, thanks to the “raw technology preview” feature. Adobe’s goal is to make the mobile version of Lightroom an “indispensable part of your photography workflow, providing the tools that you’re familiar with and the quality you expect in a product that can be with you”.

Lightroom brings new features to iOS and Android apps

That means that the same benefits you get with the desktop software, you get on your mobile device as well. Users can change the white balance, access the file’s color information, edit uncompressed files, and more. In order to transfer the raw pictures to a mobile device, users need to use the connection kit that came with the camera, or Apple’s SD or USB kits. This will bring up the “Import” tab, which adds files into the camera roll. There, users can access the pictures and then load any raw file into the Lightroom app.

The second significant improvement is the added “linear and radial selections”. This provides local adjustments with the two types of selection. With the help of these two tools, users can add or modify selections and draw attention to specific areas of the pictures.

Lightroom for Android also comes with a bag of goodies. The Android team came up with the DNG raw capture to provide users with all control over their images. The developers claim that their goal was “to create the best mobile photography experience available, and with the amazing quality possible on Android devices”.

The new Pro mode allows photography enthusiasts to control the white balance, ISO, shutter speed, while also providing all manual focus. The device’s camera will now be accessed directly from the Lightroom Camera widget, which means that you can now start snapping pictures faster than before. Android users can also enjoy the app’s new capability of exporting full-resolution files.

What do you think about the fact that Lightroom brings new features to iOS and Android apps? Will you be getting your hands on one of them?

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