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Google AdWords Now Makes It Easier to Shop Around

Google AdWords now makes it easier to shop around, and your next travel destination might be just a click away. Google comes to aid marketers and businesses sell their products and services, and in the process, helping on-the-go shoppers to find the best shopping deals.

The company is thinking way ahead to the colder seasons. Because October through December is a busy period travel-wise, whether to enjoy a city break or a Christmas market, Google AdWords has introduced a few new features.  These new updates are mobile-oriented, as statistics have shown a nearly 30 percent increase year over year in travel and shopping searches done on mobile devices.

Google AdWords Now Makes It Easier to Shop Around

To help people plan their next fall or winter vacation, Google introduces “Hotel Smart Filters”, “Hotel Deals”, “Hotel Tips”, and “Flights price tracking”.

With the help of “Hotel Smart Filters”, people can now filter their hotel search results based on their needs. And when searching for a hotel, thanks to the new “Hotel Deals” feature, you can find out if the hotel’s charging is lower than usual or when there are discounts. Another useful feature is the “Hotel Tips” option. Using real-time analysis, Google now helps people find the perfect hotels for their specific needs. “Hotel Deals” and “Hotel Tips” will be available sometime in the following months.

And it’s not all about finding the right hotel. Travelers can track flight prices more easily thanks to the flights price tracking. Instead of checking flight prices all the time, users can now track fare changes for a specific date or route. When the prices increase or decrease, individuals will be notified of the change by email or through Google Now cards.

Interested in something else than travel deals? Google AdWords now makes it easier to shop around for clothing items, furniture, and whatever you can think of. Google AdWords addresses to the less defined searches. People often search for broad terms, and they are directed to unsatisfactory results.

Showcase Shopping ads will help marketers showcase their products. The feature will be available in the coming weeks in the US, UK, and Australia. Google notes that all merchants using Shopping Campaigns in these countries will automatically have their products appearing in Showcase ads if they wish to.

AdWords also facilitates shopping on YouTube. Google now introduces the “Companion banner” and “Product picker” globally in all areas where TrueView is available.

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