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Google Hangouts Video Messaging Is Finally on Android

Google Hangouts video messaging is finally on Android, after years of waiting around. If you own or have owned an iOS device, you have been able to use Google Hangout’s video messaging for quite some time now. Google made video messaging available to Apple users in February 2014 but, surprisingly, left Android users hanging on.

This overdue move from Google has finally hit Android. It is still a mystery why Google would choose to provide this feature to iOS users before making it available on Android because the company usually rolls out new goodies on its own platform first. Google Hangouts video messaging is finally on Android, and you can enjoy it by updating to Hangouts version 11.

Google Hangouts Video Messaging Is Finally on Android

You can get your hands on the official APK if you don’t want to wait around for the update to be made available on Play Store. But do take into consideration that the APK may not work for you. You can still download the package and see if you can get the app rolling. If you can’t, there is no other way to fix the problem other than to wait for the official release on Play Store. It shouldn’t be too stressful – you did wait for more than two years to get video messages on Hangouts.

Once you set it up and get it running, you can take advantage of the possibility of sending video messages to your friends straight from your Android device.

The feature can be accessed through a video camera icon at the bottom of the screen. Then, simply tap the icon, record the video message, and then send it to any Hangout contact in your list.

Along with the introduction of video messaging on Android, Google chose to make another change to Hangouts. If you update to Hangouts 11.0, you will be surprised to see that conversation merging is out of the picture. Google announces that users will not be able to merge their text conversations anymore “because it caused user confusion and had low usage”. What does this mean? Once you update to v11 on Android, all your text conversations (including SMS) will appear separately as opposed to having all the messages with the same contact being merged into just one conversation. This particular update may not be too pleasing to some users who actually find it to be useful. But at least Google Hangouts video messaging is finally on Android.

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