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Skype Adds New Bots Features

Microsoft’s Skype adds new bots features, just in case human interaction was too mainstream for some users. Skype Bot Platform was announced late March as a way to enhance the Skype experience. Skype officials claim that ever since its rollout this spring, more than 30,000 developers had started building bots.

Skype Adds New Bots Features
Skype users will be able to sign into third-party services without leaving the app.

The Microsoft Bot Framework “V3” is an especially-designed environment for developers to work on bots using new platform features, making use of Skype Bot developer tools, along with the Microsoft Bot Framework. All users need to is to register a new bot to the Framework and update it to the latest API.

The new features can be tested by using the Skype Web App’s version for developers. Updated Skype apps for desktop and mobile devices will be available at the end of July, says the company.

Skype adds new bots features. Bots can now run free in group conversations. Deemed to be more productive or even for entertaining purposes, you can now add a bot to your group discussions just to spice things up a bit. Another addition is the visual cards option. Skype now allows users to see pictures, carousels, and receipts.

As of now, Skype users will be able to sign into third-party services without having to leave the app. Once their credentials are authorized, they will not be interrupted from the whole bot experience. There’s also a natural language update. Skype, in collaboration with Bing, has rolled out a preview of Bing Entity and Intent detections. This way, natural language understanding was built into Skype Bots, which was an industry first.

Microsoft also presents its Bot Framework platform that includes Skype calling support. Developers can also publish their bot to Skype, get access to bot building tools, and submit bots for promotion in dedicated directories on Skype and Microsoft.

The new features have been made accessible to developers starting July 7. Anyone interested in learning more about the new additions and how to upgrade a bot using Microsoft Bot Framework can do so by clicking the following link.

Joining the bot race, other companies are taking an interest in this technology. Facebook, Google, and Slack, are just some of the many that will start hosting bots.

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