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Bumble Will Find You a Job on BumbleBizz

Bumble will find you a job on BumbleBizz because it grew tired of playing Cupid. The popular dating app is set on finding its users a job to pay for those dinner dates. Puppy love doesn’t last forever, so it’s time to set foot in the real world and also make some money to support our significant other, we gather.

Leaving all jokes aside, the new feature is quite useful. However, there are major networking tools designed to connect people with possible employers, and we’re not sure BumbleBizz has what it takes to run alongside a giant like LinkedIn, for example.

Bumble Will Find You a Job on BumbleBizz
BumbleBizz is not your typical professional network.

Bumble will find you a job on BumbleBizz just as it searches for your next boyfriend or friend. The new app will also be a swipe-based one, but you get to create a professional profile that will only hold information about your education, work experience, and desired job position. The user’s dating profile will be separated from their professional profile. And just as before, the app will use a geography-based algorithm to match its consumers to the prospective employers or business partners also using BumbleBizz.

Another similarity is that BumbleBizz will too require that women initiate the conversation after being matched with business partners. And just as in the dating world, the chance of actually turning your virtual connections into real-life acquaintances will probably be just as low.

However, BumbleBizz might end up matching you with dozens of people, so just maybe you are lucky enough to have swiped that one life-changing individual.

Bumble has over 5.5 million users at the moment, an impressive number considering the social network is only one and a half years old. Its expansion is also notable as other dating apps have yet to outgrow their primary role.

Bumble will find you a job on BumbleBizz starting this fall. So start thinking about making your professional profile just as attractive as your dating one, because BumbleBizz is not your typical professional network.

How to you feel about Bumble spicing thing up with the new job feature? Do you trust a dating app to find you a job or a prospective business co-founder? What platforms do you usually use to job-hunt?

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