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Google Buys Anvato to Feed Its Cloud

Google buys Anvato to feed its cloud, announced the company’s officials on Thursday, July 7, on their Cloud Platform Blog. Anvato Inc. is a video software company that provides editing, encoding, publishing and distribution of media.

Anvato is the newest addition to Google Cloud Platform’s team. Google hopes that the recent purchase will prove valuable in enabling scalable media processing in the cloud. Anvato is quite a treasure considering it has worked with giant companies such as NBC Universal, Fox Sports, Media General, Univision, Cox Media, CBS Local Media, and Telemundo, just to name a few. The specialized firm allowed their clients to encode, edit, and distribute media content to different operating systems, desktop, and connected devices.

Google Buys Anvato to Feed Its Cloud
Google might inspire other cloud providers to step up their game.

The video software company will still continue to serve its valuable and sizeable base of customers as before the acquisition, but will also lend Google a hand in expanding the cloud platform. Displaying video smoothly and correctly is a top demand for companies using the cloud platform. Google picked up on that and went upon addressing the matter just as any giant company would – buying a specialized startup to do the job.

Google buys Anvato to feed its cloud with the technology that made startup Anvato one of the best players in the video services industry. The two companies will work together to provide cloud solutions for media and entertainment businesses. Their clients will be able to scale and then deliver their high-quality content to their own consumers on any type of device.

Senior Product Manager for Google Cloud Platform, Belwadi Srikanth, states that “The Google Cloud Platform team is committed to helping our customers in the media and entertainment industry manage their infrastructure more efficiently, provision servers and networks at rapid scale and remove unnecessary overhead”.

The official blog post also says that more details about the Google-Anvato merge will be revealed “in the coming months”.

The recent acquisition of Anvato Inc. is just one in a series of other purchases related to their cloud service. Anvato is just another tool destined to facilitate the expansion of Google’s cloud platform. This move from Google might inspire other cloud providers to step up their game with the help of digital media specialists.

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