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Facebook Introduces OpenCellular – the Open-Source Wireless Access Platform

Facebook introduces OpenCellular, an open source wireless access platform that enables connectivity in the most remote areas of the Earth. The already designed and tested open source is also cost-effective, which can only translate to cheaper internet.

The new platform by Facebook can support a wide range of communication options. Whether it is a IBox or an access point, users are assured it can support everything from 2G technology to LTE and Wi-Fi access points.

Facebook introduces OpenCellular as a two-subsystems system, comprised of GBC with integrated power and RF with integrated analog front-end.

OpenCellular will feature an open-source hardware, firmware, and control software. This will allow telecom operators and other specialists to build, operate, and implement wireless infrastructure locally.

Facebook Introduces OpenCellular

Facebook states that anyone can tailor the wireless access platform so that it meets their needs. The network can then be set up in both urban and rural areas.

Because more than four billion people are still not connected to the internet, Facebook has taken upon itself to change this. By outsourcing its work, the company wants to provide affordable technology in places where internet coverage is limited. It is expected that the open source wireless access platform will lower the costs of supporting internet infrastructure, making it accessible to new users

On the exterior, the device is equipped with a unique mounting solution that can endure extreme temperatures and climates, high winds, and other weather conditions, in all communities around the globe. The device can be fitted at about any height, be it a few feet off the ground or atop of a tall tower or pole.

Facebook is testing the OpenCellular open source wireless access platform in their labs, and working with original equipment manufacturers and original design manufacturer to make the system available worldwide. The company has stated that, so far, they have been able to use data connectivity with 2G implementation, send and receive SMS messages, and make voice calls using the platform.

Facebook will continue to work on their design to see if they can further reduce the cost as well as improve its efficiency. The social network’s officials put emphasis on community feedback and ideas and expressed their interest in hearing from the people who will benefit from the innovative system. All interested in learning more about OpenCellular are encouraged to send an email to opencelluar@fb.com.


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