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Google Now on Tap Gets New Updates – Check’em Out

Google now on tap gets new updates for Android Marshmallow users. Now on Tap is a feature that gets information about what’s on the user’s screen by just holding the Home button to activate it. It will show relevant info, actions, or apps using what you see on your display.

Google Now on Tap Gets New Updates

Google Now on Tap gets new updates to add to its ever-growing list of functionalities. Android 6.0 Marshmallow users can now take advantage of Google’s help without taking a break from what they were doing. The updates allow people to translate texts, explore the things they are interested in, and scan QR codes and barcodes using “Search by Image”.

As a Chrome user, you were probably familiar with the feature of translating web pages into any language. But have your ever needed to translate the information in an app and discovered there’s no way to do so? Now on Tap comes to our aid by adding a new translate feature. Basically, you can translate any text on your screen, be it on a web page or an app. As before, just press the Home button and choose to “Translate this screen”. However, this feature is only available for smartphones supporting the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, and Russian.

Wait. There’s more. Now on Tap also gets a new Discover feature. This helps Android users to learn more about their interests. Tapping the “Discover” icon will show visual content that is related to what you see on the phone’s screen. It is designed more for browsing and exploring purposes.

Google now on tap gets new updates even in scanning barcodes and QR codes. After previously announcing that Now on Tap can be used to search for objects using the phone’s camera, Google now expands the search to QR codes and barcodes. This means that shopping just got easier and more fun. Android Marshmallow users can now point their smartphone’s camera at the QR or bar code and get helpful information related to that product. The new feature works with plenty of objects, so you will definitely find a useful purpose for it, such as reading reviews to determine if you should go for that product or not.

Google now on tap gets new updates, and we’re sure it’s not the end of it. We’re excited to see what they come up with next. What do you think about the new bag of goodies?

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