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Apple Rolls Out New Emoji for iOS 10

Apple rolls out new emoji for iOS 10, and there’s more. The new smileys were first announced in June, at the Worldwide Developers Conference. Along with new packs of emoji, the new operating system will allow developers to create animated smileys for the iMessenger app thanks to Messages API.

iOS users are now pampered with more than the usual third-party emoji apps. Apple’s personal collection of smileys is comprised of four new packs, which also include three-dimensional emoji. The four sets are named Classic Mac, Hands, Hearts, and Smileys. They are available for download on Apple’s App Store, but they can only be used by the beta testers of the new iOS 10.

Apple Rolls Out New Emoji for iOS 10

Don’t get your hopes up, as the emoji are not that impressive, although there are some novelties. The developers might still come up with new exciting updates considering that iOS 10 has not been released yet.

Apple rolls out new emoji for iOS 10 and places them in four categories:

  • The Classic Mac pack contains old-school icons for the nostalgic. You’ll get the classic Apple computer, some hands, a cursor, a bin, a few signs with text, and more. We’re pretty sure it won’t become a user’s favorite, but moms and dads might be into these 8-bit icons.
  • The Hand set features hand gestures and nothing more. If you like to use hands in a white glove in your messages, then you’ll find plenty to sprinkle in your texts.
  • The Hearts pack addresses to the more romantic It contains ten heart-shaped animated emojis. Express your puppy love with these cute little icons. There’s also a breaking heart among the positive ones in case you’re unlucky enough to see it as the most fitting of them all. Just goes to show you how Apple always thinks about all of its users.
  • The Smileys is a lovely set that features a wide range of yellow-faced emoji. The cool thing about them is that they’re animated, and you can use them to express your emotion better.

Apple rolls out new emojis for iOS 10 on App Store. After successfully installing the new packs, users can access the new smileys through the updated iMessages app for iOS 10 only. Additional iOS 10 features include Quick Type keyboard, redesigned Apple News, Apple Maps and Apple Music, and voicemail transcription.


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