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Facebook Now Collect Money for Non-Profits

Facebook now collects money for non-profits thanks to a new set of tools. Starting Thursday, a part of the US Facebook users is able to create fundraising campaigns right on the platform. This allows users to raise money for any registered U.S. 501(c)(3) non-profit. All it takes is a few clicks or taps.

Campaign pages can contain a personal story, a goal, and a donate button. The button will then be integrated into each re-share or new status. Facebook friends can then safely contribute with money right on the social network’s platform. In the past, people had no other option than to post external links to specific websites and dedicated crowd-funding platforms. Thanks to the new set of tools developed by Facebook, the process is less time-consuming.
Facebook Now Collect Money for Non-Profits

If worried about the safety of the process, you care rest assure that Facebook has taken all precaution measures. For now, charity campaigns are limited to the United States, for about one percent of the American Facebook users. It is expected for that number to increase gradually in the following weeks.

The social network first allowed fundraising on its platform late last year. From then on, it has signed up more than a hundred verified organizations, and it is only the beginning. Facebook now collects money for non-profits in a simplified way, and it just might become the next big crowd-funding platform. The initiative is the work of the “Social Good” team at Facebook. The employees noticed the users’ desire to do good and support causes like breast cancer and climate change awareness and wanted to contribute by developing the much-needed tools.

Some notable non-profits already in the game are The Alzheimer’s Association, The Nature Conservancy, and Oxfam.

Each time a person donates to a campaign, it has the option of sharing it and also inviting friends to contribute to the cause. Although Facebook now collects money for non-profits through campaigns created by only one percent of the US Facebook users, people from 39 nations can donate money.

Talking about money, not all funds go integrally to the non-profits. The cost of running the service will take about two percent of the gathered sums, and three percent will cover the cost of payment processing.

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