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Google Improves Results on Health Symptoms

Google improves results on health symptoms, making it easier for users to put a name to their condition. The announcement came Monday, June 20, on Google’s Official Blog.

Starting this week, a new feature meant to track down medical conditions has been introduced to Google’s mobile site and its Android and iOS apps.

Google Improves Results on Health Symptoms

This new development from the biggest online search engine comes to aid all those who have to deal with the staggering amount of information that can be overwhelming. Millions of people are searching for something symptom-related, but navigating through all the results is difficult. And the search result can be either something too mild or too scary and unlikely to fit the description of the user. Google states that about one percent of all searches on Google are made by people trying to figure out what their illness is.

Google improves results on health symptoms by playing the doctor and easing you of unnecessary anxiety and stress that built up when looking through all that complicated medical terms.

This is why, starting in the coming days, when you ask the search engine about “headache”, for example, you’ll get extra information. Google will show you list of related conditions, as well as a description, self-treatment options, and tell you when to visit a doctor.

The list of symptoms was created by looking for health conditions on the Web and checking them against information collected from physicians.

“We worked with a team of medical doctors to carefully review the individual symptom information, and experts at Harvard Medical School and Mayo Clinic evaluated related conditions for a representative sample of searches to help improve the lists we show,” says Veronica Pinchin, Product Manager for Google.

Company officials warn that search results are for informational purposes only. This means that users should always consult a doctor to get proper medical advice. Google also hopes to receive feedback from users in order to improve the information shown. As a result, when you search for a medical symptom, you will be asked if the results have been of help.

Google improves results on health symptoms in English in the United States, for starters. Over time, the company hopes to extend the feature to other languages as well.


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