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Pump Up Your Wi-Fi speed with Plume Pods

Pump up your Wi-Fi speed with Plume Pods. Startup company Plume comes with a solution to increase your domestic bandwidth for tech devices. No more rolling your eyes while waiting for that web page to load. With its new product called “Pods”, the Palo Alto-based company offers you an inexpensive solution to your problem.

Most people have one internet router in their home, and it’s sitting in the same place when they installed it the first time. Yet we expect the same speed throughout the house. Because we can’t rely on just one router, Plume has decided to take a different approach.

Pump Up Your Wi-Fi speed with Plume Pods

This new technology doesn’t depend on a router, as opposed to most wireless networks. Plume uses “Pods”. These hexagonal devices connect to the ISP modem and extend coverage. They fit into power sockets in any place you want them. They leverage a technology described as “Adaptive Wi-Fi”.

Plume Pods will be available in three plug configurations (Type A, Type C, and Type G) to ensure that users in many parts of the globe are covered.

Plume describes the vision by saying that “Instead of building on existing WiFi technology (like the world needs another router), we went a layer deeper and dissected the very architecture behind the networks we rely on every day. We saw an opportunity to do something big—to give people an unconditional connection.”

The company recommends a Pod for each room, just to make sure you are fully covered. You can then control these devices through Plume Cloud. This new innovative system is quickly setup using a mobile app for both iOS and Android users.

Pump up your Wi-Fi speed with Plume Pods and ditch your old Wi-Fi router. You can use Pods with your current router, but it’s best to replace it with a Plume one. This will ensure that you will always have the latest features and security updates.

To pump up your Wi-Fi speed with Plume Pods you don’t need to spend that much. If you move quick and pre-order the devices, you can get it for the low price of $39 per unit. Once it becomes available for shipping this fall, the price goes up $10, and you will spend $49 for each Pod. However, the minimum order is six devices, meaning you will pay almost $240 in all.


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