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Facebook’s New Suicide Prevention Tools Now Available Worldwide

Facebook’s new suicide prevention tools are now available worldwide. The social media company took this big step on Tuesday. The timing is not coincidental. The United States is experiencing a surge in suicide rates, taking it to a 30-year high.

The company has made this announcement, how else, through a Facebook post. The post on Facebook Safety page states that the social network has updated the resources offered to people across the globe who are experiencing suicidal thoughts or self-injury. This tool is also beneficial to family and friends. Until now, this safety service was available to a few English-language users. Other users could report concerning post using a form, but the process was more time-consuming and complicated. But with the new update, getting help is quicker.

Facebook’s new suicide prevention tools have been developed in collaboration with mental health organizations, as well as people who have personal experiences with suicide and self-harm. This service is now available in all languages supported by the Facebook app. They are rolled out around the world with the assistance of local partners. In the US, Facebook launched the tools in collaboration with Forefront, Lifeline, and Save.org.

Facebook’s new suicide prevention tools

Here is how Facebook’s new suicide prevention tools work. If someone posts something concerning on Facebook, you can either reach out to them or report that post to the company.  The company has teams working 24/7 who review safety reports as quickly as possible. The reports are prioritized by level of seriousness. The most serious reports are those regarding self-injuries, for example.

After reviewing reports, the teams will send out resources to the person who is in crisis. People can choose to reach out to a friend, see tips, or contact a helpline.

Facebook officials also urge users who know people in need of help, to call local emergency services as soon as possible. Users can go to Facebook’s “Help Center” for more information on how to assists people in crisis.

Facebook’s new suicide prevention tools could help save lives. Suicide rates all around the world have risen to alarming figures. In the United States, suicide rates are the highest in 30 years, particularly among middle age individuals. These new resources help raise awareness on the issue, as well as ensure suicide prevention.


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