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Let a Robot Fold Your Clothes, FoldiMate Takes Over

Let a robot fold your clothes if too lazy to do the job yourself. Washing, ironing, and folding clothes are not exactly fun activities. Chances are, you’re dreading it. That’s where FoldiMate takes over.

The new appliance, called FoldiMate – how else, is set to be released in 2018. So you’re not done with chores just yet.

FoldiMate is pretty much a dream come true to everyone who has too much laundry. Parents, we’re talking about you. Folding clothes and towels can be time-consuming, and FoldiMate’s manufacturers know how much people value their free time. So they designed a laundry machine to help you. It’s like a second spouse that actually likes domestic work.

"Let a Robot Fold Your Clothes"
Don’t stress over domestic chores anymore.

Let a robot fold your clothes and enjoy the following benefits:

  • It’s easy to use – anyone in the house can designate tasks to FoldiMate
  • Your laundry is neatly folded – it might even teach you a thing or two about folding
  • Saves your time – you can finish a load twice as fast than normally
  • Your laundry gets pampered – FoldiMate deodorizes, softens and treats your items while folding
  • De-wrinkling – the robot uses steam to remove the nasty wrinkles

FoldiMate swears to fold and treat most of your items. From shirts to towels, it will go through everything. But there’s a setback. It will not fold your large laundries, such as bed linen, and neither small ones, such as socks or underwear. There’s a catch to everything, apparently.

The clip capacity ensures 15 to 20 items depending on their size and feeding speed. Clipping takes under 5 seconds, and the actual folding as little as 10 seconds per item. FoldiMate will de-wrinkle your clothes in 20 to 30 seconds. And if you’re wondering how loud it is, the robot’s manufacturers say it’s a lot less noisy than your washer or dryer.

As for the treatment of laundry, you can opt for steam to reduce wrinkles or capsules to perfume, soften and sanitize your items.

Don’t worry about where to put your new cleaning mate. It’s the size of your average dryer or washer. Its measurements are 71cm x81cm x 79cm with a weight of 66 pounds (30 kilograms). It even comes with Wi-fi.

Let’s talk money. As you would expect, it’s not exactly cheap. Your new gained free time will cost about $700 to $850. That’s a little more than your average dryer or washer, but FoldiMate isn’t exactly your average appliance, is it? Now all you have to do is let a robot fold your clothes and don’t stress over domestic chores anymore.


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