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Tesla’s Gigafactory Will Officially Open on July 29

tesla gigafactory
Tesla Motor’s Digital Prototype for its Gigafactory

For the past year, Tesla has been in the spotlight quite a lot, mostly thanks to its full-on dive into the production of electric cars. Now, Tesla Motor announced that its Gigafactory has a date for its official debut.

On July 29, the company will hold a grand opening for the new facility, despite the fact that the Nevada-based factory has been partially operational for months now. But because the last 14 percent of the facility have only recently been completed, Tesla wants to make a fuss and officially “open” the factory in two-month time.

So far, only certain VIPs have been sent invites to the event, such as those who had received their invites by referring five buyers in Tesla’s Model S sales referral program.

The July 29 date was mentioned in the email that Tesla sent to customers who have won a ticket to the event; one of the receivers of these emails posted theirs on Reddit. It also talks about a customer-focused launch event that will be held that night.

Whether or not media outlets will be invited to the opening is still a mystery, as Tesla has been rather reluctant in inviting journalists at the Gigafactory in the past.

At the same time, the automaker has also yet to reveal what the event will consist of, though it is expected to include the first sneak peek into the facility.

So far, the only media outlet that was given a tour of the factory is “Motor Trend;” back in April, they were allowed on the grounds, but mainly visited the outside of the factory.

No-one expects Tesla to finish construction for the Gigafactory between now and July 29th, but that hasn’t stopped the car manufacturer to host local events in areas of the factory where the finishing touches have already been added.

One of those was the SolarCity in March, where Tesla talked about the future of solar power in Nevada and the stance of state legislators. The factory is already producing batteries that Tesla is marketing to companies, building owners, and utilities.

Tesla’s Gigafactory will focus on building batteries for its electric cars, including the recently unveiled Model S, Model 3, and Model X.
Image Source: Tesla Motor

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