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Jaybird Freedom Earbuds Now For Sale


If you’ve ever looked up running headphones, there’s no doubt you heard a lot of glowing reviews for the Jaybird’s X2 earbuds – and for good reason.

You couldn’t ask more from the company’s Bluetooth earbuds: comfortable feeling, great sound, and then don’t fall off when you sweat thanks to the tiny removable fins that fit into the folds of your ear.

The problem with the X2s is that they are a little bulky, sticking out uncomfortably out of your earholes about a half inch – forget wearing a snug hat or a helmet with these earbuds on.

But meet Freedom – Jaybird’s new headphone – which addresses the bulk issue for the price of $200. With an overall improved design, the earpieces fit perfectly over the lower part of your lobe, not sticking out at all.

Jaybird achieved this sleeker design by moving much of the electronics out of the earbuds and into the slightly-bigger remote that hangs below the right earpiece.

Just like before, the earphones can be worn with the cable falling either under your chin or around the back of your neck. It’s recommended, however, that you keep them resting on your neck so you don’t feel the remote knocking against your jaw.

In terms of sound, the $200 earbuds are totally worth it – if you can afford them. The in-ear fit is complete with a tight seal, and the natural, rich sound doesn’t interrupt over the Bluetooth connection.

Keeping your phone in your pocket will not interfere with the crisp, uninterrupted sound – the music doesn’t break and there’s no unpleasant stutter.

According to Jaybird, one charge can last up to four hours of use, but in real life, reviewers wrote it’s more than six. When your reserves are dwindling, you’ll hear audio warnings (“Battery 20 percent”) so you can plan your next charge.

Even though six and a half hours is commendable for the earbuds’ battery life, it’s not long enough for an all-day hike or an all-day anything, for that matter. Even though you can continue to listen while you charge them, the arrangement is about as awkward as tethering gets.

The one complaint potential buyers might have about the Freedom earphones is that its price is a bit steep. But really, you’re getting your money’s worth with this wireless long-lasting sports headset.
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