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San Francisco Apple Store Gets Revamped

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It was 2001 when we were presented with the first Apple Store – the first experience with the company’s smooth design in brick and mortar shape, for which people stood in round-the-block lines.

Fast-forward 15 years, and you see Apple planning to rekindle some of the love with a fresh revamp of the old style right in the heart of San Francisco. The flagship store located in Union Square is really big, and fitted with 42-foot-high sliding glass.

The interior has also been completely redesigned, as Apple wants to transform its stores into more than just places where you can pay money to buy pieces of beautifully designed devices. Instead, Apple Stores are meant to become meeting spot and places for people to get together and hang out at.

“It all starts with the storefront—taking transparency to a whole new level—where the building blends the inside and the outside,” explained Jony Ive, Apple’s chief design officer.

Ive’s passion for design is only half of the brain behind the San Francisco store – the half that deals with the trademark glass and steel we’ve come to expect of him. The second part of the team is Foster and Partners, the architecture firm known for London’s gem-like, curved, faceted buildings.

But you can’t have hangar-sized doors at the front of your store and not deal with the challenges that come with it. Even though San Francisco’s climate is pleasantly temperate, the open-store store must have some kind of temperature control for the hotter days.

What the team did was turn to passive ventilation and rely on it as much as possible. The terrazzo floors can be heated or chilled, depending on the weather.

At the same time, the large windows and the reflective nature of the floors allow natural light to bounce all over the store. This takes care of the light needed by the trees inside while also cutting the electricity usage drastically.

And there are other opportunities to having immense doors and large spaces – you can sell products much larger than laptops and phones, like cars. Hypothetically. In the future.

One other big change is switching the Genius Bars with Genius Groves. Instead of dreading to go have your phone fixed, you can now look forward to a “calming” environment. Hence the trees.

So would you and your friends hang out at Apple’s new Store?
Image Source: Hypebeast

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