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Google Content Previews: More Visually-engaging with Rich Cards

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In trying to keep on top, Google has introduced yet another feature to its search results. With the new format, website owners have a whole different way to make their pages stand out more effectively.

Called “rich cards,” the new formatting feature added to Google Search will allow site owners to give a better preview of their content when their pages appear as results to different inquiries.

Building on Google’s rich snippets, rich cards present site owners with the opportunity of having their content be more visually appealing to users.

When it introduced rich snippets, Google allowed site owners to add an image to content previews – which was a significant improvement from content previews that used the standard result format.

But rich cards will be presented in a carousel comprising the most relevant search results for your chosen topic. You will be able to scroll from left to right at the top of the search results page, and each of the results will be featuring visually-engaging content previews.

Na’ama Zohary, from Google’s Search Console team, and Elliott Ng, product management director at Google Search, explained in a blog post how rich cards will be implemented.

For example, a rich card for an apple pie recipe would show the most relevant site hosting the recipe, a recipe-related image, a snippet of information about the recipe, and a star rating.

“For site owners, this is a new opportunity to stand out in Search results and attract more targeted users to your page,” explained the two Google managers. This new visual formatting embedded in rich cards is meant to help Internet users find what they are looking for a lot easier.

To get the rich cards feature started, Google will make them available only to owners of websites related to movies and recipes; the rich card format will appear only to mobile users conducting Google searches in English.

Even though the company is experimenting with implementing the rich preview format into other content categories, there are no details about when the feature will become more broadly available to site owners, or to users performing searches in non-English languages.

As it announced the new format, Google has also released new developer documentation and new tools to help website owners figure out how to use rich cards to their own benefit.
Image Source: Google Blog

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