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The Brick Wall Illusion Is the Latest Internet Trend

"Brick Wall Illusion"
Some Facebook users were really excited about the optical illusion.

Were you tired of the gold and white, black and blue dress? Well now the brick wall illusion is the latest internet trend, and people are going wild trying to figure out the hidden object in the picture. According to the legend, whoever finds the abnormality in less than five minutes is a genius, judging by internet standards, of course.

Staring at a brick wall sounds like a trivial activity, but it is now the latest favorite pastime of internet dwellers. People are going crazy, sharing the now famous brick wall picture boasting that they managed to find the “hidden treasure” in a short amount of time.

For those of you who haven’t been assaulted by the brick wall illusion trend on your social media platforms, here are the basic things you’ll need to know about the latest internet frenzy.

It’s a Picture with a Twist

Remember the dress from a couple of months ago? The one that was black and blue at first and then the person holding it moved it further away from the camera and then all of a sudden it was white and gold? The video was shared so many times that it rapidly became an internet sensation, mesmerizing internet dwellers, filling up social media walls.

Now, it’s the brick wall’s turn. Apparently, somebody made a clever picture of a cigar sticking out of a brick wall and posted on the internet, asking viewers to find the “hidden object.”

At first, people can only see the wall, but if you look at the picture from the right angle, you will be able to notice something off. That’s the brown cigar that has been mesmerizing individuals for a couple of days now.

The whole thing started out as an average social media post. It rapidly caught fire when users started reposting the picture with captions like “OMG, you’ll never believe what’s hiding in this picture,” or “This is the best optical illusion I’ve seen.”

Others were unable to keep their discovery to themselves and edited the picture in order to draw attention to the area in which the hidden object is placed.

There were even some users who were not able to find the irregularity and asked for help from their eagle-eyed peers.

Image source: Facebook

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