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Nintendo Puts Mario to Work Once Again


It’s not news anymore that the Japanese game company Nintendo Co. is trying to find new ways to cope with the changes in the gaming industry.

Nintendo has recently released a mobile app – half game, half social network – in hopes of increasing its revenue. But maybe it’s time for Mario to save the day.

After selling its stake in the Mariners baseball team, Nintendo plans to take another shot at making movies, which is not such a big surprise seeing the success of other character-driven franchises.

Think about the Avengers or the Amazing Spiderman – some of the biggest money-makers in the industry are based on characters that first lived in comic books.

As it tries to come up with a convincing strategy for mobile gaming device NX, scheduled to debut in March next year, Nintendo is also struggling to find other viable revenue sources.

But even if some of Nintendo’s most popular characters would make it onto the cinema screens, it would take two to three years before we could see Mario or Zelda in a movie.

Rather than licensing out content to interested partners, the Japanese game maker plans on negotiating with them and keeping the lead on production. The initiative will be funded from Nintendo’s sale of its majority stake in the Seattle Mariners, a team recently valued at $1.4 billion.

Tatsumi Kimishima, president of Nintendo, talked about the company’s plans in an interview published on Monday. Even though partnerships will be signed to make the movie happen, Nintendo is determined to have the Japan-based Kyoto producing its own films.

The announcement for an upcoming movie comes less than a month after the game maker company issued reports showing that the net income and revenue are short of analysts’ estimates. The plunge in sales of the Wii U console and 3DS handhelds might have something to do with that.

Adults know more about Mario (because they grew up with him) than the kids growing up today – the new generation is more interested in Minecraft, GTA, or Counterstrike.

Famous for popularizing video game consoles starting three decades ago, Nintendo is now fighting for relevance in an era that might render console useless.
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