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Game Company Partners with Acer to Develop New VR Headset


We are witnesses of a booming new era: virtual reality is upon us and a lot of the major players in the tech industry are now jumping on the bandwagon.

On their side of the story, mobile companies also seem to be convinced that their business won’t survive is they don’t dabble in virtual reality, which has led some of the conventional smartphone makers to turn to developing VR headsets.

Acer is one of those companies, announcing a partnership with game studio Starbreeze to develop a high-end VR headgear. Unlike Samsung’s Gear VR, the virtual reality headset that will result from the Acer-Starbreeze collaboration isn’t meant for use with smartphones.

Acer hopes to produce a headset that will be primarily used in arcades and theme parks. Called StarVR, the new gadget has previously been a Starbreeze-production only, and the game studio has been showing it off since last year.

But now, Acer will get involved in its further development. According to the details revealed so far, StarVR is meant to provide a more immersive user experience with the help of a wide field of vision.

Compared to the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, whose field of view is 110 degrees, StarVR was designed to have a 210-degree field of view – significantly wider than the others, or any other headsets out there.

By having such a wide FOV, StarVR is reportedly better at mimicking what a person can view in the real world by also covering their peripheral vision inside the headgear.

But why has Starbreeze partnered with Acer, if the company had already developed their VR gadget, at least in part? Acer brings a lot of experience with hardware development to the table, which means that the partnership will help the headsets to quickly scale up.

Even before this deal, the game studio had reportedly received help from other partners, such as Toshiba, but Acer’s input is supposed to finally propel StarVR out of anonymity.

Seeing that Acer’s primary production deals with desktops and notebooks, the collaboration with Starbreeze will also result in the development of new personal computers that can power the StarVR headset. This will help the new VR headgear to eventually find their way into the consumers’ homes.
Image Source: TechRadar

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