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Amazon Quietly Sells more than 100 New Versions of the Dash Button

'Amazon’s Dash button to order Tide Pods and Powder"Amazon recently rolled out more than 100 versions of the Dash button that can do much more than order detergent or toilet paper. Sadly, before it even became news, the items had already sold out.

The company listed the buttons in great secrecy earlier this week. The AWS IoT Buttons are newer versions of the Dash button, which allows customers order pet food, coffee, printer cartridges at the push of a button. The beauty of it is that you don’t have to be connected to the Internet to place the orders. Only the button needs to be connected to the Internet and your smart home.

Dash buttons, however, cannot be customized by customers or developers. Yet, the new batch of AWS IoT buttons should help ease users’ frustrations.

There is now a button that unlocks your car, a button that starts the car, a button to call a taxi, a button to call your significant other, a button to call your employee, buttons to control devices in your smart home from a distance, and buttons to monitor medication use and household chores’ completion. And there are now over 100 new buttons to test out, each with a specific task to complete.

According to sources, each individual button costs $19.95 on the company’s website. Initially, they were supposed to be in stock starting Sunday, but yesterday the company’s CTO Warner Vergels tweeted that the gizmos sold out. On the site, there is currently no info on item availability and pricing.

Though the buttons seem fairly popular with Internet of Things fans, most people aren’t sure about their usefulness. Additionally, Amazon has no plans to allow developers to design their own buttons from scratch and make them less dependent on the API. The e-commerce giant hasn’t said a word on the possibility of companies to build and market their own Dash buttons either. There are only plans to sell the buttons in bulk on the company’s site.

Yet, competition doesn’t sleep. The web-based service IFTTT has developed its own, non-physical buttons. Users can now place icons on their smartphones to instruct the devices to carry out a specific task. For instance, with single tap you can send a short message to your significant other or colleagues, just like Yo app, which you can use to say “Yo” to a friend with a single tap or click.
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