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Gboard Doubles Your iOS Keyboard as Google Search Box


Having the world’s knowledge at our fingertips is no longer a surprising fact, and the online searching business is finding more and more ways to enable us to look for information.

Google has announced a new iOS keyboard up that puts the search box right into any app you’re using. Meet the Gboard, the free app from Alphabet Inc.’s Google released on Thursday morning.

The company announced the app should go live at any moment in Apple’s App Store. It comes as a worthy challenger for other alternatives on the market, such as Microsoft’s Word Flow and SwiftKey. Let’s not forget the very capable Minuum, Swype, Fleksy, and KuaiBoard.

It’s not that the iPhone keyboard field was deserted, but Gboard has a particular way of standing out in the crowd. Among the many features it offers, the most useful is the integrated Google search box – something Android still awaits for, even though it’s Google’s own mobile operating system.

When you click on the familiar G in the upper left corner of the keyboard, you will see a search box expanding and allowing you to easily look for your bits of information.

As this mode is activated, you will see the three most recent search terms, but as you type, Gboard keeps up with Google’s familiar predictions. The results are displayed as cards over the keyboard.

After you found your results – links, music lyrics, weather reports, Google Maps locations – you can share them directly in messaging or social apps with a single tap on the result.

Users must also know that since this is Google’s keyboard, Google’s search results will promote Google’s services. Locations will be searched in Google Maps instead of Apple Maps, and music is opened in YouTube instead of iTunes.

At the same time, the results are tied to the Web because the keyboard is yet to be integrated into other popular apps. So if you search for movie tickets, the GBoard will suggest an online store instead of a movie ticket app.

But even without further integrations, the search experience is fast and useful, especially when you’re messaging friends about lunch plans, for example. You never have to leave the app you’re using to be able to share useful information.
Image Source: Tom’s Guide

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