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Rumor Has It: Facebook Is Working On a New Camera App

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It’s been almost two years since Facebook pulled its Camera app – and Poke with it – but rumor has it the social networking giant might be working on another one.

According to the Wall Street Journal, which cited people familiar with the matter, the app that’s supposed to from Facebook will be similar to Snapchat, with the added ability to live stream video.

A Facebook spokesperson declined to comment on the potential plans for a new Camera app, which led people to believe the project is indeed under works – maybe in its early stages – but that company people aren’t allowed to talk about it because it and may never actually hit our phones.

The last time Facebook experimented with a native Camera app was in 2012, shortly after it purchased Instagram. Back then, the Camera app doubled many of the features of that popular photo sharing platform.

Furthermore, Facebook hoped that more people would use it as their primary photo-taking platform if it designed the icon to closely resemble that of Apple’s own native camera app.

With time, the social network built-in most of the app’s features into the main Facebook app, such as the ability to crop and add filters to photos. Then, two years after its release, the Camera was removed from the App Store in May 2014.

So what’s the reasoning behind giving the Camera another try now? One word describes the situation very well: engagement.

It would be logical that Facebook wants to make sure that people are logging into their accounts as often as possible. Even if most of us are already using the app as the main source of updates and news, there are many others still resisting.

Instagram, for example, has become massively popular, growing a lot fast than its parent company in the year after Facebook purchased it.

And even though Facebook itself still sees a healthy growth, some people inside the company are worried users aren’t as engaged as they once were, and they’ve stopped sharing enough original content.

This overall dissatisfaction can be seen beyond the possibility of developing a new Camera app. Other new features also seem to confirm it, like the reorganization of the News Feed announced last week.

Facebook promises to present “more articles you actually want to spend time viewing.” Also, back in December, the social network rolled out Photo Magic, encouraging users to send photos to any friends that Facebook recognizes in the shot.
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