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HTC Vive and Oculus Rift Both Experience Delays in Pre-order Shipping

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So virtual reality is finally here, and it’s off to a great start. Well, that’s debatable, seeing that the Facebook-owned Oculus has admitted to having some problems delivering the pre-ordered Rift VR headsets.

But it’s not only the Rift that has been delayed in shipping to impatient customers. In theory, HTC Vive VR has also started its journey to the hands of consumers, yet many complain they have no idea where is their unit or when it will arrive.

Although the Oculus Rift is the one to become officially the first commercially available full VR headset, it looks like the quiet launch has gone even quieter. According to the company, the delay in delivery has been caused by an issue in manufacturing.

There are no more details on the situation of the first pre-ordered units, and consumers have been told that a full update on the status of their item will be issued sometime after the middle of April 2016.

By way of an apology and in an attempt to appease disgruntled buyers, Oculus has decided to cover all shipping costs for pre-ordered headsets, even for the consumers buying it from outside of the USA.

While this is a good-natured gesture – especially considering the Rift ships for at least €50 internationally – consumers need more information about what’s going on, as well.

Now it’s HTC’s turn to write some apologies, as buyers have reported some pre-order auto-cancellations. The company promised to resolve the issue with no dangling promises of free shipping, however.

When people from various locations complained their pre-orders for the Vive VR headset were inexplicably cancelled, HTC started fixing the problem, which they say was caused by general “processing issues with financial institutions.”

Perhaps HTC didn’t expect to be blasted with 15,000 pre-orders just 10 minutes after it started off pre-orders – especially seeing that each unit costs $799.

Back to Rift, however, consumers are even more surprised by the delay. After being in the planning stages for about three years, Oculus should have the manufacturing stage all figured out, especially with the power of Facebook behind them.

Some Rift headsets are already in the wild, but early reviews regarding its design and functionality have been scattered. There’s no doubt the hardware has potential, but there’s also a high cost involved.

A fast computer – valued over €1000 – is needed for the Oculus Rift’s systems to run properly, which itself costs €800. It’s no wonder users want what they paid for, and if the unit cannot be delivered yet, they want to know why.
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