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Nintendo’s Miitomo App Can Help Introverts Share About Themselves

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After introducing us to the world of video games and consoles, Nintendo has finally taken the first step toward the modern age of smartphone game apps.

The Miitomo app has been launched in Japan for some weeks now, and its resounding success has prompted the popular gaming to bring the game to the rest of world as well. For its first app, Nintendo did a pretty decent job, with lots of quirks and interesting features.

Miitomo has rolled out today for both iOS and Android, so you can go ahead and download it from Apple Store or Play Store. While the world was expecting of Nintendo to release a game, Miitomo is more of a social network sprinkled with some game elements.

Remember the little Mii cartoon avatars you used to spend hours personalizing? They’ve made yet another appearance in Miitomo, where they carry your questions and answers to and fro. Your friends will see your answers when they visit your Mii or when your Mii goes to visit them.

The concept behind the game is to get you to talk about yourself, as Miitomo can help you share some aspects of your personality with your friends and family. Reviews have been raving about how awesome Nintendo’s Japanese version is, so what about the English version?

Visually, Miitomo has achieved excellence; it runs at 60 frames per second, which give everything a smooth feeling and invites you to spend more time playing. At the same time, Nintendo really went out its way to make the Mii characters look expressive while keeping them simple.

But the app’s quality goes way beyond its surface-level graphics. The company has programmed a procedural action into the characters that allows the Miis to react appropriately to answers, with surprised or amused expressions.

While anyone can enjoy Miitomo, the app seems to do wonders for introverted people. Most individuals who hate talking about themselves in person can turn to Miitomo, where they can share something about themselves and then the Mii goes out and people can see the answers on their own time.

There are some downsides about Nintendo’s app, however, such as the fact that it sucks up a lot of your battery while you’re playing it. Because it is so graphically intensive, the app requires a lot of processing power.

At the same time, some people will be annoyed about the Miitomo experience because it includes a lot of loading screens, almost after every action. But if Nintendo keeps improving the app and adding new ways to interact, we might still be using Miitomo a year later.
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