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Uber Adds Trip Branding Features to its App

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Uber has announced a “Ride Request Widget” that lets customers integrate its apps into theirs more easily. The ride-hailing company had already had a Ride Request Button, but with the new widget, developers can add the apps quicker than ever.

This upgraded functionality is targeted at customers who have connectivity issues. More than that, developers have another helping hand from Trip Branding with deep linking features.

Uber Developers posted a video on YouTube showing off the stripped-down version of the app designed to aid customers in selecting apps based on their interests.

With the widget, users get the same options as they would with the native ride-hailing app – as well as the possibility to choose from an Uber ride, an Uber Black ride, or an Uber X ride. Users can still view estimated pick-up times, but the widget will show the ETAs in a simple bar instead of a map.

While the core experience of Uber is maintained, the new integration allows developers to keep the functions and the branding of their own apps. With the help of deep links, users can get directions to book an Uber or set ride reminders.

According to the company, drafting this feature was inspired by different Asian markets, like China and India. In these areas, the app supports local payment options, but the greatest benefit is the fact that the new widget doesn’t need great internet access to book a ride.

For the U.S. market, Uber has rolled out a Trip Branding feature, which also utilizes deep linking to help users in different scenarios. For example, Hilton Hotels use Ride Reminders, which means users can review their reservations and even upgrade their room on their way to the hotel.

Meanwhile, Zomato lets users view their restaurant menus in advance while also allowing users to order a ride from restaurant pages. Uber has also partnered with American Airlines and has expanded Trip Branding with CityMapper, Tube Map, and other public transportation apps.

While Trip Branding alters the in-app experience you have with Uber, it is important to note that the Ride Request Widget does not redirect you to the basic app; it simply wants to make ride requesting more convenient.

With the new Trip Branding features, developers get to promote their own applications. However, not all users want more third-party to clutter their phone, so this option might not be as enticing.
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