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Amazon Clamps Down on Sale of Faulty USB-C Cables

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Rogue USB-C cables can cause some major problems when connected to laptops and smartphones. Thanks to Amazon, you might be a little more protected with the new regulations enforced by the e-retailer around the type of cables that it sells.

Amazon’s list of items that cannot be put on sale on its online retail shop has just been expanded to include non-compliant USB-C cables. Some other items on that list are non-compliant electrical products and pirate DVDs.

According to the retailer’s official page, “any USB-C™ (or USB Type-C™) cable or adapter product that is not compliant with standard specifications issued by “USB Implementers Forum Inc” is, from now on, prohibited from being sold through their website.

This policy update will, at last, make some headway in the fight against faulty USB-C cables that can cause serious damage or even shut down a device completely. Amazon will have to police its seller community so it could ban anyone going around the update and still offering the dodgy cables.

Even though it might seem like a small update, Benson Leung sees it as an important step forward. Leung is a Google engineer invested in raising awareness of the dangers of faulty cables after his Pixel was ruined by one of these USB-Cs.

Leung was the one to spot a flaw within the OnePlus type C charging cable, as well as the policy update. He is known for generally fighting for increased vetting and standards across online retail platforms.

Consumers and companies alike were thrilled about USB-C, as it allowed a sort of standardization among the very different ports and adaptors used by tech firms for their products.

However, it wasn’t long until cheap and low-quality cables flooded the market, doing more harm than good – they fried countless phones and laptops, rendering them useless.

Today’s news shows that major distributors like Amazon are finally waking up and clamping down on the issue, but, as Leung noted, this is only the first step; there’s plenty more to be done before we are rid of these despicable products.

One of the ways that this great policy change can be implemented in day-to-day transactions is for users to continue to be vigilant and report any bad products they find on Amazon and other stores.

It is noteworthy that online distributors aren’t the only ones at fault; brick and mortar shops can also be called on their faulty USB-C cables.
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  1. Based on the work from Benson Leung there are 30% of USB-C cables that fail the test. His work has also encouraged a lot of other individuals to do testing. There are quite a few websites popping up in response to this such as: usbccompliant.co.uk (UK/EU) & usbccompliant.com (US)

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