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Google Goggles Capabilities Rumored to Come to Google Camera App

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Rumor has it that Google plans to endow its camera app with augmented reality, one of the hottest technologies of the moment.

If the rumor proves to be true, the search giant is expected to use its Google Goggles technology, allowing users to look up search results like nearby restaurants, public transport information, and retailers that would make buying products easier.

According to said rumors, the camera app for Android will get Google Goggles capabilities, an AR app that enables users to perform searches by simply taking a picture of the subject of your search.

While Google Goggles is a great application in itself, the company’s reports show it didn’t have a sounding success in terms of downloads. Hence, the tech firm has decided to bring its functionality to the official camera app.

Android Authority has cited a source familiar with the matter who said the integration will bring a new feature which will allow users to highlight specific areas of the picture, so they can get a better target for their searches.

This is a significant improvement on Google Goggles, as the app’s last version only lets users perform searches of the whole image.

Some reports also say the new technology has been tested in “wearable computing devices,” which could suggest we might encounter this tech in products like Google Glass and perhaps even virtual reality (or AR) headgears.

Google Goggle has been around for a while now; launched in 2009, it was meant to gain traction as a visual search technology app. Some years passed and the company stopped sending updates for the application, as it noticed the reduced interest of the population.

If the AR rumor is true, Google is expected to merge it with the camera so it gets automatically incorporated in all phones instead of creating it as a standalone app. This practice is meant to increase mobile search usage.

As we heard reports of a Google keyboard, it becomes clearer that the search giant is adapting its tools as services in such a way that users will be able to search without opening up a different app (i.e., by integrating it into the app users are already accustomed to using).

While the latest rumor also hints at some extra functions that might come with Google’s official Camera app, the company has yet to confirm these speculations.
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