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Apple Releases iOS 9.3 Update, Blocks Older iPhones and iPads

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Clearly, Apple is dealing with some setbacks, as it released this week a new update for its iOS. Complaints have been pouring in ever since, seeing that the new software has left some older iPhones and iPads unusable.

The update has brought a plethora of improvements and new features, but that means nothing to owners of the iPad 2 and some other devices. Why? Because they cannot use them after updating the device.

More mysterious still, some users have taken to forums to say they didn’t experience the problems immediately. Sometimes it took a day or more for the bug to install after installing 9.3.

Reports say that the devices were stuck and could no longer communicate with Apple’s servers so that it could become active. For owners of devices older than iPhone 5S which don’t have the Touch ID sensor, the update could only be completed if they remembered the account login that the device was set up with during its first activation.

That may have happened some years ago when the phone had a different owner, which left some users unable to get back into their smartphones.

Fortunately, Apple has already taken steps to address the problem. A new version of the update has been released, as well as customer service offering suggestions to those who are still affected by the bug.

The new version of iOS 9.3 was released specifically for the iPad 2, so it could fix the issues which occurred with the latest update. The tablet should be able to get back online if the update is re-downloaded and installed, according to Apple.

If you cannot get into the device because of old logins, the tech company has created a special page that helps with suggestions. Mainly, it recommends that iPhone owners who’ve been affected should attempt to activate their device by accessing it through iTunes on the PC or a Mac.

If that doesn’t work, they should try and de-activate iCloud activation lock from Apple’s website. When all else fails and you’re still locked out of your device, the company encourages you to connects the staff at Apple’s customer service team.

At some point in the future, Apple will release another version of iOS 9.3, as it announced in a recent blog post. That should be a fix-all patch that rules out the problem completely.
Image Source: TechRadar

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