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Google Photos Creates Vacation Albums So You Don’t Have To

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Even though it’s barely ten months old, Google Photos has already amassed more than 100 million monthly active users. It owes its success partly to the ever-growing list of features that Google keeps on upgrading on the photo management app, including the recently added support for Live Photos.

But have you ever felt like you just couldn’t pick out the best pictures you took on that awesome weekend trip? Thanks to the latest feature update, Google Photos can take that pressure off your shoulders by creating an album on its own.

According to Google’s official blog, Google Photos can now automatically suggest new album ideas after users go to an event or on holiday in the Bahamas.

The best pictures will be included in the new albums, which will also contain maps that will show the user’s location while taking the pictures. Google Photos can also pin locations on the attached maps, so you won’t have trouble remembering where you took certain pictures.

The ‘brain’ behind the new feature is the service’s Assistant, which acts as your digital helper while you navigate Google Photos. The Assistant can create GIFs and collages, helps users manage their photos, and suggests edits to uploaded pictures.

After Google Photos creates a new album, the user can add his input by typing text caption. At the same time, some new collaboration features can be activated so that other people can access the album and add their own pictures to it.

But how will the app know which pictures are the best?

Francois de Halleux, product manager for Google Photos, explained that the app is based on a machine-learning algorithm that can detect the elements that make up a good picture. The same system is used to determine if you have pictures that are duplicates or look very much alike.

Thanks to its vast database, Google Photos can also recognize about 255,000 landmarks, so you don’t have to activate geotagging and location services for the service to be able to identify the image’s location.

Google Photos users can also start adding text, maps, and location pins to all albums created before the update. The smarter photo albums feature already rolled out to iOS, Android and the Web.

So if you plan to go on a trip anytime soon, consider taking advantage of Google Photo’s newly added convenience. Showing off your vacation photos has never been easier.
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