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Chromecast App Rebranded as Google Cast

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The Chromecast application will no longer be known by this name. According to an announcement from Google this morning, it’s time for “Google Cast” to reflect the company’s efforts to bring its tech to an array of devices.

This means that not only the Chromecast dongles can connect, but also TVs, speakers and displays. Google said the updated iOS and Android app would become available this week to all users.

Originally, Chromecast was a cheaper competitor to other streaming media players that were more advanced, like Fire TV, the Roku, Apple TV, or even Google’s own Android TV. When it launched in 2013, the device wanted to simplify the way we viewed content on our TVs – even if they weren’t smart TVs.

And it worked, because its accessibility allowed Google to sell more than 20 million of its first-generation Chromecast dongles, sending it right at the top of the popular streaming device ranking in 2015.

But more recently, Google started expanding the technology platform and the original product line. In September of last year, the company released an updated version of the Chromecast – Chromecast 2.

The second generation turned the Chromecast from a stick to a round device, making it easier to plug into TVs. Chromecast Audio was launched at the same time, allowing users to turn their speakers with an AUX input into a device connected to Wi-Fi.

Meanwhile, Google was partnering with other companies to get its tech built into their products, including LG, Sony, Philps, Harman Kardon, Pioneer, Raumfeld, and StreamUnlimited, among others.

Plus TV-makers like Vizio, Sharp, and Sony also integrated support for Google Cast technology (without the dongle) on some sets. This brings us to the next piece of tech news.

Google has also announced today that Vizio’s brand new SmartCast P-Series displays and Vizio speakers and soundbars now officially offer support for the Google Cast tech.

In other words, users will be able to cast content from their smartphone or tablet using services like Google Play Music and Netflix directly on the big screen by just accessing a Chrome browser on a laptop.

Google also mentioned that the P-Series will be able to cast in Ultra HD (up to 4K) and Dolby Vision High Dynamic Range content to get the brightest and clearest colors.

In addition to the updated app, Google has also released a revamped Google Cast website which includes a list of the TVs and speakers that support casting sans extra accessories.

Let us know what you think about the Chromecast app rebranded as Google Cast in the comments below.
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