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Competition Comes with Algorithmic Feeds on Twitter and Instagram

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Are you witty enough? Are you pretty enough? If not, you might soon not be featured on your followers’ timelines anymore, thanks to Instagram’s and Twitter’s recent updates.

The world of social networks is slowly following the same trend: algorithmically-sorted feeds, which isn’t just annoying for users, but it’s also a handful of problems for marketers.

Some people don’t check their social media accounts daily (as outrageous as that sounds), and Instagram and Twitter are trying to cater to them by switching to a Facebook News Feed-esque system.

Before the change, if you tweeted or instagrammed something, it would automatically pop on your followers’ timeline as soon as they opened their apps. You never thought you had to worry about whether your posts are good enough to even show up in the news feed.

With this guaranteed audience, all you had to do was to make sure you didn’t overspam your friends by posting too many pictures or tweets.

Now, a new kind of pressure has been added to the shoulders of users: posting only the best photo or the funniest status. Otherwise, obscurity is your destiny, having your posts buried under the posts deemed more viewable by the algorithms.

This is what happened with Pages on Facebook. Even though people subscribed to receive their updates, Pages found they reached only some of their fans. The situation was caused by too much content competing for the same space in people’s News Feeds.

Referral traffic for some businesses started to significantly decline. The only way to reach their audiences again was to pay Facebook so their posts will be more visible. Paying for audiences sounded enticing, so Instagram and Twitter are following close.

It’s not enough for people to follow you anymore for them to catch a glimpse of your posts – you will need to post high-quality content and be on the desired end of a consistent stream of Likes.

To be honest, switching to algorithmic feeds isn’t that bad, as both services are expected to become more approachable. Actual entertainment is supposed to start winning over the hard sell, which will soon fade from view.

Engagement will also likely be boosted, and you’ll be able to see the best content posted while you were away.

And if all else fails, just stick to Snapchat. No one gets to decide there what’s worthy of your friends’ attention. While all the other media asks us to post our best, Snapchat loves us as we are.
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