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Nintendo’s First-ever Smartphone App is Not a Game Per Se


Nintendo has finally released its first-ever smartphone app and ever since its launch, it has remained at the top of the Japanese Apple Store charts.

Sadly, the app does not offer the popular Super Mario Bros. on mobile; we’re still waiting for the Nintendo-official version to be released, now that the company has dipped its toe in the mobile gaming community.

As a matter of fact, if you live in Europe or the United States, you won’t even get to play Miitomo, Nintendo’s new game. The launch is only accessible to Japan users for now – and it’s not really a game if we’re honest.

Remember the Miis – the little virtual avatars you probably loved customizing on your Wii? They have made a comeback with Miitomo and they’re better than ever. Not only can you still personalize the looks of your Mii, but Nintendo has also considered the lazy users.

Take a photo with your smartphone and let the app create a Mii for you; or if you have already created and customized your own Mii on your Nintendo console, you can scan its QR code and have it replicated within Miitomo.

From here on, the app seems more like a social network than a game. You can interact with your friends – and random strangers, if that’s your cup of tea – via their Mii characters. But it’s not like all the Miis are meeting in a virtual chat room, per se.

Nintendo has resurrected some parts of the old “Everybody Votes” channel created for the original Nintendo Wii, which means you’ll be asked some precreated questions. Then, your friends will be able to leave comments about your answers.

The app description is fairly comprehensive: “In Miitomo, your Mii and your friends’ Mii characters act as social go-betweens. Your Mii will ask you questions you’d never think to ask yourself, to learn the fun little things that make you… YOU.”

The Mii characters of your friends will be asked the same – and more – questions, then tell your Mii all about it. That way, “you and your friends learn fun things about each other that you’d never find out without Miitomo!”

For revenue – Miitomo is, after all, a mobile app that needs to sustain itself – Nintendo has come up with a little in-game shop from where you can buy new items and outfits for your Mii avatar.

Coins are earned by answering the app’s questions and logging in each day also comes with some rewards. If you’re impatient, the app also allows you to just buy these items with real-world cash.
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