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Microsoft Edge Browser Fitted With Translator Extension

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Thanks to the latest preview build of Windows 10, one of the highest points on the wish lists of developers has been ticked off: extensions for the Edge browser.

After Internet Explorer started fading, Microsoft released a legacy browser called the Edge; it first came out last summer coinciding with the long-awaited release of the Windows 10 operating system.

The new Windows preview debuted yesterday accompanied by the exciting rollout of Windows 10 Mobile, even though it is currently available only to a limited group of Windows 8.1 phones.

After it was delayed multiple times, the new mobile OS will roll out in a manually upgrade over the coming weeks. Microsoft opted out of the automated “push” update.

It’s exciting to see that the new Windows 10 preview build comes with three extensions for the Edge browser: Microsoft Translator – which boasts more than 50 languages in its portfolio – Mouse Gestures, and the Reddit Enhancement Suite.

Later this year, Microsoft announced that a number of other popular extensions will be released for Edge, so stay tuned.

In a post on the Windows Experience Blog, Microsoft Edge general manager Drew DeBruyne said that the roadmap of the Edge project has always included plans for extensions, so that the browser can “support a vibrant community of developer innovation, enabling new and interesting scenarios for our customers.”

Meanwhile, Microsoft has taken its time to launch the browser so as to avoid malicious or poorly written extensions; instead, the ones that are launched are supposed to be a great source of “security, reliability and performance boost for the browser.”

To prevent issues of this nature, DeBruyne said that the new Edge extensions will be released first to its Windows Insiders for testing. If the test period proves successful, extensions will then become available to all users via the Windows Store.

Later this year, Microsoft expects to release some more Edge extensions expected, such as those for Amazon, AdBlock, Adblock Plus, LastPass, and Evernote, according to the post wrote by DeBruyne.

Moreover, the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14291 also comes with new features for Edge, such as the ability to pin frequently visited apps and websites, paste-and-go/paste-and-search clipboard options, and easier tab closing on mobile devices.

The Maps app has also been improved with the preview, including the one-tap access to search and directions, and the ability to view multiple searches on a single map at the same time.
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