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TweetDeck for Windows Will Shut Down on April 15th

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Twitter rolled out a new update today saying that users can now switch with more ease between its website desktop and its application TweetDeck. How? Users are no longer required to log in to TweetDeck separately.

In other words, if users are already logged in on the Twitter website, they can skip the log-in process on TweetDeck. In a similar news story, Twitter announced it’s also killing off its TweetDeck for Windows.

For the time being, Mac users still have TweetDeck and can still be found and downloaded from the Mac App Store. However, Windows users are now asked to check TweetDeck’s web version instead.

Twitter used the opportunity to remind Windows users they can make the TweetDeck web app more accessible on their PCs by pinning the app to their taskbar. (It’s really easy: open the app in Chrome, click Customize and control > More tools > Add to the taskbar. That’s it.)

According to the company, the decision to quit developing on Window was made so Twitter can “better focus on enhancing your TweetDeck experience.” However, we think it’s possible the Windows app was simply no worth the effort with the little traction it gained among Windows users.

Starting April 15th, TweetDeck for Windows will be shut down. Until then, users are given time to make the move to the web or create another Twitter client.

The 140-character company has also pointed out the developments released regarding TweetDeck in recent months. Twitter was probably worried that users might believe that the Windows app shutdown means complete ‘ignore’ for the TweetDeck platform overall.

Among the new features are group direct messages, TweetDeck Teams, new search filters for finding Vines, Periscopes, and GIFs, and a lot more.

Twitter notes that bypassing the log-in process on TweetDeck will be available as long as the user is logged into any Twitter website – either like Twitter.com, analytics.twitter.com or any other on its domain.

Updates will reach users on a universal level in the “coming weeks.” Recent reports said that Twitter’s new algorithmically-sorted timeline has been made available to all users by default, but that’s just a rumor that proved inaccurate.

After announcing the revamped timeline last month, Twitter said the “improved experience” will roll out in the weeks ahead. Nothing has changed so far, meaning that not all Twitter users can see it yet on their devices.
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