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LastPass Launches Two-Factor Authentication System


We are absolutely rubbish when it comes to keeping things secret. We are even worse – if that’s possible – at keeping various access keys secret, such as passwords. This is how a whole market has been invented, a market that thrives on our inability to keep our passwords safe.

LastPass is one of those services that aim to help users not only keep their passcodes safe, but also teach them how to create stronger and more secure passwords in the first place.

But nowadays, a password is not enough to keep your accounts safe, so a lot of services are introducing and recommending the two-factor authentication as well.

So LastPass decided to keep in line with the latest in terms of online security, which means it created its own Authenticator mobile app. The new tool wants to convince users of the necessity of adopting better online safety practices.

For those who have yet to use such a feature – which you really should do – the two-factor authentication is a pretty easy yet efficient way of protecting your accounts. What it means is that you need two things so you can prove that you’re you.

First, you need to know the password, which has been proved to be easily hacked or guessed. Second, you need either one of these things: a biometric screening (like your face, fingerprint, or iris), location identification, or device recognition (like a smartphone or smartwatch).

To date, most two-factor authentication systems are still relying on the last one, which means you get a PIN code via SMS, email, or app; getting into your account would involve inputting that code.

LastPass has proved that the first factor is no longer a problem, so it was about time it started dealing with the second factor.

Thanks to the Authenticator app – which you can download it for free on iOS, Android, and even Windows Phone – people can start using the two-factor authentication on various services.

The Authenticator app is not limited to the services supported by LastPass, so you can use it confidently across a number of accounts. As one might expect, the Authenticator shines the brightest when you try to log into your LastPass account, where you can authenticate with just a few taps.

When working with other sites that employ two-factor authentication, the only requirement for LastPass Authenticator is that those services also support Google Authenticator.

In other words, LastPass Authenticator wants to replace Google’s security app, which currently works with services like Facebook, Evernote, Dropbox, Slack, and others.
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