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YouTube Gaming App Launches New Livestreaming Feature

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Google’s 1.3 version of its YouTube Gaming app finally brings mobile game streaming to any Android device. Launched today, the revamped app allows all mobile games to be streamed with not specialized equipment required.

The new mode uses only the device’s microphone and front camera; all devices have those, so you’re set to stream any game you downloaded.

YouTube Gaming app was released last August in response to its main competitor, Amazon’s livestreaming platform Twitch. Google’s app was launched on iOS and Android and was accompanied by a website; the apps are available only in the US and the UK.

But things have changed with the new update, as Google released the apps to more countries: Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Moreover, it has redesigned the back end, given the app a new homepage and added some features on Android.

If you want to access the brand new livestreaming function, just click on the drop-down menu that’s in the top-right corner of the app, right under your portrait.

Users have two streaming options: either broadcast the game they’re playing as they do so, or record a video on the device and set it live later. Your face will appear in a small window on the screen, filmed with your phone’s front camera.

Another new feature is the option to keep watching a livestream uninterrupted while you do other things. You can pop-out the video so that it floats on top of your screen while you reply to a text message, for example. Both features have yet to come to Apple’s iOS.

According to recent statistics, gamers watch more YouTube videos than they do on Twitch; the ratio is more than 2:1. However, the main difference is that YouTube is mainly a video-on-demand platform while Twitch is focused on live.

Google says that almost 2.5 billion hours of gaming content are uploaded on YouTube Gaming every month, but the platform wants to make the most of that live content audience.

A carousel on the homepage shows users what live videos they can watch and suggests channels to subscribe to – making discovery of new content that much simpler.

Just scroll down the home screen and check the recommended content sections; they are curated by Google staff and currently trending videos.

What’s more, users can also subscribe directly to games, not necessarily to particular content creators. Over 25,000 games have their own channels, each of which amasses content from a number of creators.
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