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U.S. Patent and Trademark office published Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint filing

Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensors packaging including the sapphire lens has been spotted at United States Patent and Trademark website on Thursday.


The patent found in the site is titled as “Capacitive Sensor Packaging,” which is very same as the Touch ID fingerprint sensor’s implementation in latest iPhone 5s smartphones. The responsive element showed in the filing is the proximity sensing detector of user’s fingerprints. A stainless steel ring surrounding the iPhone’s home button and the anisotropic dielectric material (sapphire) sensor cover are found in the packaging.

The design of the tech also included in the patent application, such as those “ink assembly printed on the lens” to make the translucent button as opaque to make it not visible to the users. Other proximity detection methods such as optical and infrared also included in the filing. However, there are no mentions of the implementation of fingerprint sensors behind or within the LCD display, which doesn’t means the possibility of applying for the same patent by other companies – Apple already filed for that patent in last July.

Benjamin J. Pope, Terry L. Gilton, Syed Husaini, Shawn Arnold, Scott A. Myers, Matthew D. Hill, Barry J. Corlett, Steven Webster and Benjamin B. Lyon are the nine inventors, who got the credit for the filing, which was originally was filed in March 25th.

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