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Universal Studios Japan Schedules Nintendo Land Opening by 2020

nintendo landNintendo’s brands and characters are so carefully guarded that we have the company itself to blame for the lack of exciting real-world adventures fans could have with Pokemon, Mario and Luigi, and Link and Zelda.

However, there’s some change on the horizon, and in four years’ time, we might be able to enjoy a Nintendo theme park. According to a Japanese media report, Universal Studio Japan plans to open a “Nintendo Land” destination by 2020.

Universal Studio has only four theme parks in the world, and its Japanese branch is about to get in more revenue than ever. And if you thought the company has agreed only to a building where you can buy Nintendo merchandise, think again.

Come 2020 and the famous Harry Potter area located in the very same complex will no longer be the only one attracting visitors by the millions.

After Nintendo granted Universal the rights to use some of its characters in its theme parks last year, the apparition of Mario-related rides is only a matter of “when,” not “if.”

At the same time, it makes sense that Universal would open the new area in Nintendo’s own homeland; chances are it will make the most profit from fans in Japan than anywhere else.

Some Nintendo hardcore fans might be worried that the gaming company will be financially distracted by this new project, but there’s no reason. According to sources, Universal is the one responsible for footing the bill – which, at roughly 400 billion yen ($352 million), isn’t small at all.

Considering the kind of money that is involved, Nintendo is glad not to have to finance directly the project; it doesn’t need any more financial constrains with the trouble it already is in.

Other than the fact that the new theme park section will be in the like of the Harry Potter land, Nintendo and Universal Studios haven’t released any other details. With such an ambitious project, people are wondering whether the new area will focus on a single Nintendo property.

If that will be the case, media expects Universal and Nintendo to make a wise decision and go with a “Mario Area;” considering its universal fame, choosing the Italian plumber character wouldn’t be a bad choice.

The opening of the new theme park area is scheduled in 2020; that same year, Japan will also host the Olympics. Coincidence? We think not. It’s obviously a chance to sell more tickets, with the droves of tourists that will visit the country from all over the world.
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